Strategic land

We have delivered over 3,500 residential homes across the UK, transforming our strategic land sites into a range of vibrant community developments – from apartments to large housing developments.

Strategic land

We engage with all stakeholders to deliver the most suitable outcome.

Specialising in the East Anglian region and central Scotland, AWG project-manages sites, working closely with landowners, architects, agents, housebuilders (Miller, Cala, Bellway, Taylor Wimpey) and Local Authorities to deliver the right development solution for the land in question. This has ranged from brownfield sites to restoring contaminated land and from redundant industrial land to edge-of-town greenfield sites. In every case, AWG’s long-term vision and accurate identification of potential have led to much success, transforming land from a liability to a major asset. By engaging with all stakeholders, suitable residential areas are developed and value is added to local communities.

AWG’s process and work is always tailored to the specific project. Good management… application of the right resources… working alongside hand-picked consultants with their own specific expertise – all has allowed us to get consent on land previously thought unobtainable. The process can be time-consuming but the outcome is always worth the effort and we work with all parties to deliver the best return for the landowner. With the arrival of local development plans and as the planning process evolves, we are always looking at alternative means of obtaining consent. We also work more closely with local communities, to take all comments and needs into consideration – but our policy to highlight the resulting community improvements, and how local businesses will be retained and developed, means we usually win more support for controlled and appropriate development. 

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